About Us


Be truthful, that’s what we meant. What were you thinking? Tsk, tsk. Maybe that not-so-innocent mind of yours could use some innocent, fresh juice detox, eh?

Well, we are just well-intentioned people sourcing well-intentioned fruits and vegetables, using a proprietary cold-pressed, flash-pasteurised process that allows really fresh juices to keep longer. On top of that we wanted to be within easy reach… not eye-level- supermarket-aisle- easy-reach but delivered-to- your-doorstep- easy-reach, more like it. For free, no less.

Why? Because we believe in doing good. Because goodness begets goodness. Because by stripping off delivery charges the same way we’re stripping off chemicals and artificial flavours we’ve really nothing to hide and only honest-to- goodness true juice and smoothie to share. 

Good will come to you.